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This is my goofy service dog. She is the baby of the family. She is 1 year old.

She is not only my little helper, but she is also my muse. I have too many pictures of her. 

Her favorite color is green. She enjoys car rides and gassing up the room. 

She was named after one of the dire wolves from Game Of Thrones.

Waves of Music

Close your eyes and see what you hear through the eyelids that blocks the light.

Surf through the sounds and bop your head to the beat.

You can almost dissect the instruments that are playing. 

Move with the waves of sound.

Open your eyes and dance.

This is how you will understand why I made this art.

This is my old boy. He is 4 years old. He is the real life version of Tom from the show Tom and Jerry, but his name is not Tom. I actually named him after something that deal with my major and submarines. 

 He is my little hippie cat. He is a ninja when is comes to catnip. He always has cat nip in his fur. 

I will not be saying my animals names due to one of them being an animal of service. He is an ESA. She is a service animal. I did leave you clues to figure it out. 

Picture of my cat. 

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